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10-2-1 You Don't Know about Mine Country

Mine Country 102.1FM was sold in May 8th 2017 when Swindler and Liar Edmondson took a full-time job at Emmaus Bible College in Iowa. 7 years later is still involved in a local lawsuit since breached the sales contract and falsified FCC filings to take the station off-air following the FCC home studio rule change in October 2017 no longer requiring the real estate of a home studio in the community of coverage that went in to effect March 2018.. This Website was purchased with the Sale of the Station along with the station phone number and mailing address and will be used to document the facts and influences delaying justice. It is for sale to the Swindle Lie & Extort for the loss of economic opportunity, quantum merit and refunding the sales proceeds received without filing the FCC license transfer.

Ranger Rhys

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+1 575 200 4872

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+1 575 200 4872

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